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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Austin, Texas

I've officially hit that "one year in Austin" mark.

At moments, it's crazy to think that it was only a year ago that I announced our move. In a way it's like we've always been here. We dreamed about it for 8 years before actually making the move. And in others, I still feel like a newbie sitting at the table of supposed locals. Regardless, it's been a fun year and I barely recognize that girl who packed up and moved home.

During this past year in Austin, I have...

Started graduate school.

While not related to my physical location, it's still the thing that most defines my time right now.

Gone to SXSW.

What an incredible experience! I learned so much & really think attending SXSW helped ingrain in me that I'm home. I live here.

Escaped to the hill country with my family.

Living only an hour away from my family (and in the same town as my sister Dana) has been incredibly fun. It's been amazing to have casual hangouts that rarely happened when I was 3 hours away.

Fallen in love with hiking.

My back never fully recovered from its sprain, so when I discovered my ability to hike I was ecstatic. We were on a schedule of going almost every weekend for a time & once our new puppy is allowed to go out in public, you better believe we'll be back out there!

Adopted a puppy. Lost a puppy. Adopted another puppy.

Maybe the best, worst & best things (respectively) we've gone through this year. We adopted Henry, only to lose him to Sago Palm. (Fuck Sago Palm.) And then we adopted Woodford. Our lives make sense with two dogs. And I love these puppies like nothing else.

Tried a whole bunch of new things in the art world.

There's so many opportunities to experience "the arts" in Austin! I've fallen in love with puppet theater. Seen women reading literature while naked. I've eaten dinner inside a cube at Monkey Town 6. There's been so many concerts, plays, burlesque shows, cocktails, food, movies, etc. Sometimes I can barely handle all the excitement! But if I'm going to live here, I couldn't imagine not partaking in it all.

So here's to another year in Austin! Cheers.

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