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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I have a decently full plate right now. I brought a lot of it on myself (hello, eight freelance projects. omg!). I'm definitely not complaining! But when trying to juggle everything I've committed myself to, I have to be realistic & come up with things to keep me sane. Enter exercise and Snapchat. It's silly. But it's fun!

One of my current goals is be able to wear my red dress at my birthday in June. So I've decided to incorporate exercise into my daily routine regardless of anything else going on. It's my way to stay sane.... to walk away from responsibilities and tasks and deadlines, and to just enjoy my time. Plus, if it helps get me back into shape, how could I go wrong?

Like I said. Silly, but fun. And definitely productive! Hope you're having a good week!!

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