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Tuesday, August 4, 2015
just another selfie

I last left you with my set of intentions for making my work personal. I received a lot of good vibes from that post -- from total strangers, from friends and even from myself. Since that post, I have already accomplished two of the three tasks I set out to do.

#1 - Go to a Counselor.

I found one I love and have set up semi-weekly meetings with her. Just having her on my calendar gives me peace of mind & gives me hope for a clear future. We'll be working on defining my values first. I'll also be working on mindfulness & meditation. Moving forward, I'm not sure how much I'll share about that time. But if I discover something that I believe will benefit the collective unconscious, I'll share it. Otherwise, I see lots of pages filling up in my notebooks.

#2 - Throw myself into professional meet-ups.

Throw may be too aggressive a word, but since publishing these goals, I have gone to an all-day conference and one meetup with Women Who Code. I have two more meetups on the calendar for August & even joined in on a UX book club. For someone not super social, this is a lot of work. But I'm willing to put the work in & am excited to see where it goes.

I'll be working on #3 -- Sketch Out a Plan -- over the next two weeks. It actually perfectly coincides with my UX Masters homework this week. Timing has always been my goddess.

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