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Friday, September 4, 2015
Personal 2015: Finish Strong
In twenty fifteen, I'm striving to be personal. While the word can be interpreted in many ways, this is my attempt to interpret it for myself. I have identified five areas of my life to work on in this pursuit - my workmy self talkmy off time, my relationships and my health. Every few months I'll be setting area-specific goals & sharing about my experiences here. For August & September, my area of focus will be my work.

Here we are, nine months into the year. I've completed three of the five area I identified at the beginning of the year:

My Self Talk

Where I wrote "I Am" statements, wrote in a daily journal and started my meditation journey.

My Off Time

Where I tried to find a good work/life/school balance as I navigated the start of graduate school, a new job & a lot of freelance work.

My Work

Where I tried to define my career goals and introduce myself to the creative professionals world of Austin.

Finishing Strong

Now is the time to identify how to complete the last two areas of focus in the three months of the year left. I've decided to tackle both at the same time. My relationships and my health have always been integrated, so it seems appropriate! In order to finish strong, I've identified practical goals & have also defined what each value means to me.

My Relationships is my attempt to learn to connect with others and be present in the moment. This requires putting the phone down, actively listening and pursuing to find the common ground. Between September and December I will:

  • Have lunch or happy hour drinks with 3 people I've never gone out with.
  • Complete a large romantic gesture for my husband.
  • Continue to go to one meetup a week (on average) to grow my connections in the community.

My Health is as much about my mental health as it is my physical health. I've always had a large focus on my weight and it's been a struggle to move past that and work on deeper matters. Between September and December I will:

  • Continue my meditation journey with Headspace. I will complete the Foundation Series as well as either the Stress or Anxiety pack, which are appropriately categorized under the "my health" series.
  • Go to Pure Barre! I just signed up for 30 days unlimited classes and have my first class Sunday. 
  • Watch my two saved TED Talk playlists (Kickstart Your Creativity & Most Popular of All Time) and sketchnote while watching them.

Here's to a strong finish to 2015!

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