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Monday, April 13, 2015

One year ago, we picked up Max the dog from my sister in Austin and moved him to Bryan. We weren't sure what we were getting oursevles into. Would we enjoy having a dog? 

We didn't even know how long we would have him. The plan last April was just through the summer, but as time moved on, it became very clear that Max was the piece missing from our little clan. It sounds cheesy, but the basic truth is, Max made us feel like a family. It's been such an amazing year.

A few little things about Max the Dog....

  1. He actually has a Facebook pet page my sister set up years ago.
  2. He never barks...
  3. ... but he has nightmares and occassionaly wimpers in his sleep.
  4. He loves going on walks. If he even sees us putting on tennis shoes, he runs to the door shaking.
  5. He's a loner. If he doesn't feel like hanging out with you, he'll go off and do his own thing.
  6. If he could live in the water he would.
  7. Belly rubs are the greatest things ever. Obviously.
  8. He won't actively beg for food, but he'll most definitely let you know that he'll eat anything you may want to throw his way, ohpleasepleasepleasepleaseplease
  9. Max loves going to bars and busy restaurants. He loves the attention.
  10. But at 10 years old, there's really nothing better than a lazy day sleeping on the back porch.

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